Alzheimer’s & Caregiver Stress Managment revisited

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I want to cover several topics in a short space, so please bear with me.
A friend sent me a great link that I am going to share with you, of a doctor covering in great detail the spiritual aspects of caregiving. Too often, organization and professionals that are trying to help caregivers neglect the deeper personal issues of the person. I am even guilty of this at times. These good folk are good at offering physical and even emotional support, but often forgot or avoid the deeper spiritual needs we all have. Perhaps they avoid the topic because we are all raised to respect one another’s religious or spiritual beliefs. But I think it’s a mistake to avoid it altogether. I think Dr. Hodes does a great job on a The link is
I also want to talk to you about guided imagery. I, of course, think it’s the best thing a person can do to find peace of mind and get immediate (and in a few short sessions) and permanent stress relief. But I wanted to see what the rest of the world thinks, so just 5 minutes ago I did a quick search on google. I was amazed at the flood of news items talking about guided imagery. All of them very positive. I want to share the first one I clicked on. It is a simple piece by ABC News reporting on a hospital doing a study on women who have had breast cancer surgery. They ran two groups one using guided imagery and one without…well go see for yourself .
Finally, there is a little homework I did. In the newsletter that I am building for my website
, I try to find ways to save people money, time, and effort, but most of all money. There is a guy that has researched every giveaway that the government has for people like you and me. Here is the link Click Here!. If you sign up please let me know what you think, so I will know whether to continue to promote it. I am hoping what he offers saves hundreds of dollars.
That’s it for now. Thank you for reading. Please sign up to be notified whenever I put up a new post, and please take a look at my website. It is quite literally less than 2 weeks old. The web guy is still ironing out little glitches.

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