Answer to “Burning out in Florida”


If I may make some suggestions – As a caregiver, you need to take better care of yourself to avoid burnout, and quite frankly depression. If you are in a larger community, find an adult day care center and send your mother at least once a week. They are affordable (and most have a sliding scale, so negotiate!). Most will pick her up and drop her off. You will get a badly need break, and she will get some badly needed stimulation. If you do this for a while you will certainly see an improvement in her mood. If you care to, you can check my website, but nevertheless try adult day care. (also, have you thought about joining a support group? The Alzheimer’s association keeps a current list of them). good luck, Donahue

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  1. seniorsafari

    Excellent advice! If the caregiver doesn’t take care of herself/himself then the stress will just build and they won’t be able to care for their family member properly.
    The addition of the stimulation is really good for the family member so it’s a win/win situation.

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