Caregivers of Alzheimer’s need guidance


Hi, I am experimenting with “pages”.

Apparently on WordPress blogs you can have multiple pages!  You probably knew this, not me. And I’ve been doing this for almost a year.

Anyway, I am always excited to add a new resources, and have built a new page, and if you look in the upper right-hand corner you will see it. For lack of imagination on my part it’s called sign-in. Because that’s what it’s for, to allow people to sign up for free stuff. Currently I am giving away a 17 minutes recording, one of four that I was commissioned to make for the Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center.  They asked me make a stress management CD for caregivers, using guided imagery. So you can get that, and you can get a free newsletter. Check it out, throw me some feedback.  Thanks, Donahue

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