Dimebon and other drug trials

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If you live in Southern California I may have something you may be interested in.  Have you ever read about a new drug that was showing promising results only to find out that it would not be available for years to come? 

I know that if one of my family members came down with a terrible disease (God forbid), I would comb the earth to find a cure.  Fortunately I found the next best thing: Drug Trials!

Most people don’t know how to even start finding a drug company doing research.  You read about these studies in the paper or see them on television, but by the time you hear about it, the study is over!

For example, there has been a lot of buzz about a new Alzheimer’s drug called Dimebon.  If you haven’t Google it: because it is showing amazing results in testing. But unless you want to go to Russia, you can’t get it in United States (or Canada).  But I know how you can get it for your loved one right now!

Because I manage an assisted living community with an Alzheimer’s wing, I have a special relationship with the premier research firm in Southern California.  So I am going to make you a wonderful offer. If you have a loved one in the early stages of the disease, let me help you get in. 

But because this study is closing very soon, I strongly recommend you call my office right away.  (818)780-5005. Tell my receptionist you are calling for Donahue and that it’s about the drug study.  Or just respond to me here and I will fill you in the details.

By the way, not only is there a Dimebon study for Alzheimer’s, there is another drug trial starting with an even more promising drug, so if you are interested, please call ASAP.

You should also know that the company doesn’t only work with Alzheimer’s. They do drug studies for many different illnesses, including an amazing study for stuttering. They do dozens of studies every year, and work with every kind of illness.  So if you know someone struggling with a debilitating disease, please call as well. I can’t list every study they are doing here, to be honest, I don’t even know every study they have.

But if you are one of those people that are not afraid to take a little risk, to be free of your illness, contact me.

818 780-5005 or write me here, Donahue

P.S.  Here’s some little know stuff: If you qualify for a study, you will be paid a stipend for your time and transportation, and sometimes that adds up to nice little chunk of dough. 

The other thing is, once the study concludes, you are not left in the dust. If you wish, you may be enrolled in an “open” study which provides you the medication for as long as it takes to come to market. Even if you were in the “placebo” group, everybody in the “open” in the study gets the drug.

So call me today!


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  1. Mark

    donahue, need to get dimebon for my wife with early onset dimentia / alzheimers. can you help. thx mark

    • donahueg

      same thing, watch for the blog.

    • donahueg

      where do you live? (city, not address). I will see what I can find near you. In exchange I would like you to sign up for my free newsltter at http://www.caregiverrelief.com. lol.


  2. Mac

    How to get my mother Dimebon who is 60 and fading to stage 7 and dieing?

    • donahueg

      I am getting this question a lot, so I will post the answer on the blog.

    • donahueg

      I am sad to tell you that she probably would not qualify for any of the current dimebon studies, because she is so advanced. most of the dimebon studies that I know of are looking for people that have been on aricept for 6 months at a certain dose and have a mini-mental score that it probably higher than your mom could score.
      if you tell me where you live I can try to direct you to a study near you. But I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Most studies are looking for early stage people so they can measure the results.
      And I know of no drug that can reverse the disease. sorry.

  3. donahueg

    If you are in southern california, go to http://www.priresearch.com and call them (nevermind signing up online). Please tell them you heard about them from me.

    if you are not LA, write me with your city, and I will try to find something for you.

  4. gicaNaleDycle

    Thanks much for that. It’s really good stuff.
    I really like to read caregiverrelief.wordpress.com.

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  5. Don Schmidt

    Hi donahueg,

    Writing from Pittsburgh, pa. Trying to see if any studies in this area for dimebon or similar. Googling found nothing. Thought maybe you could help. Its thursday july 2, 2009 and have ended up being care giver for my dad. Moderate alzheimers. Would appreciate any help. Dads been on aricept for about a year and it looks like he would not be able to be a study. Any help would be apprecited

    • donahueg

      On the contrary, most Dimeabon studies are looking for a least 6 months of continuous use of aricept.
      I am sorry that I don’t have time to give you answer right this minute. Please help me out. go to
      fill out the little contact box I have there, and I will see what I can so.

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