Getting Dimebon for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

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Because dimebon is in the “trial” stage, you cannot get it anywhere in the US market. If you really want it you need to research foreign markets. But I don’t know the legality of that, so I will not offer any opinion on it. However, if I were searching for any medication, I would try the formal name as well as the brand name.

Regarding getting into a drug trial that is using dimebon, please be aware that every study has specific criteria for inclusion. It might be based on what medication a person is currently on, the progression of the disease, most dementia trials will want to see a certain score/value on a Mini-Mental exam, there are even age criteria.

Each drug and each study is going to have very specific criteria, and it varies quite a bit. However, I can tell you that most studies will not accept people that are too far advanced in their disease or illness. Most studies are looking to identify people in early stages so they have a better chance at having a noticeable effect.

Ok, that covers most of the current questions…

I working my rear off trying to get a website up to keep up with all of the inquiries, and I could use your help. If you are truly interested in the subject of drug trials, it does not matter one bit what disease or condition you have (I saw an excellent study on stuttering for example). Leave your questions or comments here for “immediate” responses, and go to my website: and sign up on the homepage (there is literally nothing there except for the sign up boxes), and keep an eye out for my blog at . It always motivates me to hear from you.

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