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My apologies, yesterday’s blog about David Wolf’s program was wrong. In it I mention a video that I saw and posted a link to it. What is worse I swore there was no sales pitch (at least until the last 30 seconds or so).

However, I have eat my words, because I have been to the site in the past, I am able to go directly to the video (and again, I can’t emphasize how amazing I found it to be), so I brought what I thought was the ‘direct’ link to share with you. Unfortunately, (unless you too have already been to his website), you must endure a 20 second sales pitch and put in your email address to get access to the same longer video that I was talking about yesterday.

Nevertheless, you should still do it, it is worth it, and don’t worry about giving your email address, they are not going to abuse it, and you always have the option to “unsubscribe” if they contact you (that works with any organization that has an email address list, it’s a federal law that everything they send has an option to opt out and never be contacted again). But I digress…

Back to the correction: you will get a short introduction before getting access to the longer email…once again, sorry to anyone that already went there based on my recommendation and found something different than I described.

If you want to go there without reading the next blog its: Longevity Now

yours, Donahue

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