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Wow, I am really proud of myself, I acutally built a blog/website all by myself! Please take a look! lol.
Basically, I have jumped on the health bandwagon with both feet. I have reached a point in my life, where its now or never. Coincidently, one of the true Sage’s of our time, who has spent his life studying achient arts of medicine and nuturition as well as modern discoveries: David Wolfe, has finally put all of his knowledge together into a single program.

So if you follow the link and watch the video you will get a crash course in what herbs to start taking and which to stop.

Sincerely, Donahue Vanderhider, MSG

p.s. You can bet that from the day this launches, health food and treatment will move into a new era, compaired to what we currentl believe.

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