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I did an exercise recently where I wrote a description of a typical client, for a potential business venture. It was nothing I was planning to print or post. But as I was re-reading it just now, I thought it would be an interesting exercise to see how accurate I was. So please help me out. The following is my typical client exercise. If it describes you or if it is nothing like you, I would like to hear it. After all these years, I certainly don’t want to be in the dark, if I am wrong…
So please feel free to write me with your reaction:
p.s. I am even going to leave in the business description at the end. Tell me if it is something you would be interested in, why or why not.
thanks a million, in advance.

Typical Caregivers:
1. Spouses
2. Adult Children
Spouses are 65+ years old. Typically a woman. She is taking care of her husband at home, and usually has little or no support or help from other family. She never thought that this was going to be such a long process. (Alzheimer’s sufferers live on average 14 years after diagnosis.) She is stressed out, trying to keep him in control, she is on alert 24 hours a day. When he is awake, she needs to be up. She takes him to doctor appointments, but has not time for her own doctors appointment. She knows she needs to take care of herself, she has heard it often enough, but doesn’t know how. Other people that are stressed out can use outlets like going on vacation, or just to the movies, or go to the gym or garden, or walk around the block. None of these options are easy for her. When she as a little free time, she is going to catch up on her sleep or just plain rest.

The adult child caregiver is typically a daughter, usually takes care of both parents (if living) and she also has very little family support. Sure she gets plenty of advice from her brothers and sisters, but almost never do they offer to give hands-on help. If she is married, she has moved mom or dad into her home, and it’s affecting the whole family. The husband is sick and tired of the whole thing, and if the kids are around, they just complicate things. (Mom is part of the “sandwich generation” kids on one end and an aging parent at the other end). If she is single, she has moved in with the parent(s) and is overworked and under-appreciated. Stress run rampant.

Unfortunately, long-term stress is the main culprit in illnesses and death of older adults. They say the top 3 killers are Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer. But studies show that people suffering from long-term stress are at much higher risks for…you guessed it…heart attack, stroke and even cancer.  So stress management become an unavoidable necessity. The typical outlets are not easy to use , but some other stress busters are: prayer, meditation and guided imagery.

I have made a stress management CD using guided imagery specifically for caregivers. The CD was originally commissioned by the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles Caregiver Resource Center. It has 5 different guide imagery recording on it, each averaging around 15 minutes. Each is different and the listener can pick their favorite, but ideally they will listen to them one after another because they are designed to build on each other, and the tracks move from basic guide imagery, to more complex techniques like neurolinguistic programming and future pacing. (The 5th track is music only, so the caregiver can use the structured time to design and build their own imagery)

My Credentials:
I am on the speakers bureau of the Alzheimer’s Association and a Gerontologist (not a doctor) that specializes in Alzheimer’s and Alzheimer Caregivers. I have a degree in Hypnosis, a certification in Clinical Guide Imagery, formal training in Neurolinguistic Programming, and a bachelors degree in Metaphysics. I have extensive knowledge about stress, and what it does to the body, (and how it does it to the body). I intend to write lots of articles and already have a content rich website at www.caregiverelief.com.

People will come to the site/sales page and this is what they get:

Caregiver Relief CD: Free for signing up for my 10 month continuity program.
The continuity program is free for the first 30 days and billed at $24.95 a month after that.
They of course can cancel any time in the first the 30 days and keep the CD and bonus items that I am including in the offer.
Each month for the next 9 months they will get another guided imagery script (digital download); 5 new Affirmation Cards (4×6)  that they can put up on their fridge, mirrors, doors, etc. that remind them to think positively; a newsletter (digital) that has tons of little known facts, money saving tricks and ideas, free stuff from agencies and government, and cutting edge news about Alzheimer’s treatment (new drugs, drug research studies they can join, behavior management ideas and tools, etc.); and if I can swing it – interviews with prominent professionals that know about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
Bonus for signing up:
An article that I wrote (maybe I will make it a PDF file or a video out of it), “Four Simple Steps to Prevent Alzheimer’s” (maybe I will jazz that title up too).
A special report on Adult Day Care (almost done writing it, wondering if maybe I should hold it back an offer it as an unadvertised bonus after they sign up, or after the 30 day trial)
The first 5 Affirmation cards to post around the house and car to keep a positive frame of mind.
And a 61 page PDF called: The Ultimate Baby Boomer’s Guide: The Baby Boomer’s Guide To Living A Long, Prosperous And Healthy Life.
Fast Action Bonuses (I only have so many of these to give away after that, one of them will never be reprinted)
A really nice workbook “How to Hire and Train Help in the Home” (by the Alzheimer’s Association). This has everything a person needs to hire help: from check lists to interview questions, to job application and employment agreements, to tools a paid caregiver will need like medication lists, Daily meal and snack schedule, forms for a Care Log, a hygiene schedule and much more. All of it on a very heavy paper stock for long-term use and durability.
An 80 page full-color book with dozens of photo, charts and illustration, by the National Institute on Aging: “Alzheimer’s Disease – Unraveling the Mystery”

So, what did you think?  Tell you what…for anyone that writes me a “real” comment about my description and business idea, and signs up on my mailing list (my list is rock-solid private and not shared with a soul), I will send you a copy of the CD.  We are talking a full length, jewel case, professionally recorded, 6 page fold-out insert, CD.  (don’t post your mailing address, I will contact you afterwards to get it).  DEAL?  Great!

shoot, wordpress does not allow me to put a link to my mailing list. but you can sign up here:caregiverrelief newsletter

So please just sign up here at wordpress, and from your comment I will get your email address and write you back personally

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