Providing Care for Someone with Alzheimers?

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I have several websites for you look at. Each is a Review Site, which means that there are several competing sites on the same page for you to decide between.  I have picked each one because each offers unique services that cater to the needs of caregivers. Take a look at them, at the very least, if the subject suits you, you can sign up for the newsletter.

The first is and has to do with protecting you identity. If you have ever known anyone that has had their identity stolen you know what a nightmare it can be. It takes months to straighten out. Think of a time when you lost your wallet and had to replace the contents – now time that by a hundred.

The second is longevityhealth.comand has 3 of the most powerful supplements for longevity: green tea, acai berry and Resveratrol and something really cutting edge – Maqui Berry.

The third is with solutions to common problems of older adults…better you take a look than I try to explain, but I really think this is the best one.
thanks, Donahue

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