Partnering With Your Doctor Quiz

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I’m on the speakers bureau of the Alzheimer’s Association and this weekend I am giving a talk on “Partnering with Your Doctor”  In the materials that the Alzheimer’s Association provided me for the talk was a short little quiz.  I was impressed with this short 12 question survey, and thought you would like to see it too.

In my experience, caregivers often lose focus when they take their loved one to a doctor.  Maybe you do too?  Do you feel rushed when the doctor finally comes into the examination room?  Do you sometimes leave the office and remember something important you wanted to discuss with the doctor?  Or do you start running at the mouth frittering away your time with the doctor talking about the minutiae of your loved one’s behavior or symptoms and get side tracked from the important changes that you should have covered.

Here’s the quiz, lets see how you do.  And remember afterwards to go over to either or and sign up for the newsletter.

One more thing: I noticed that the quiz seems to be written to you and about your own doctors visits.  If you are a caregiver for a memory impaired person please mentally re-word the questions so they fit your circumstances.

(Keep track of your answers so you can determine your score afterward.)

Do you usually:

  1. Make a list of questions, symptoms and concerns before your doctor visits? (Yes or No)
  2. Bring a friend or family member with you to the doctor’s office? (Yes or No)
  3. See the doctor right away when you feel like something is wrong? (Yes or No)
  4. Ask your doctor questions about your symptoms and concerns? (Yes or No)
  5. Bring a list of your medications and medicine bottles with you to your doctor visits? (Yes or No)
  6. Ask your doctor what you need to do next about your illness? (Yes or No)
  7. Make decisions about your care together wit the doctor? (Yes or No)
  8. Ask your doctor what results and side effects you can expect from your medications and treatments? (Yes or No)
  9. Take notes during doctor visits? (Yes or No)
  10. Leave the doctor’s office with all your questions answered? (Yes or No)
  11. Ask your doctor for written information about your medical condition? (Yes or No)
  12. Ask the doctor for a diagnosis so you know exactly what the problem is? (Yes or No)

Count the number if times you circled “yes”   (score: _________)

0 – 4 = I am not a very active health care partner

5 – 8 = I am somewhat of an active partner

9 or more = I am a very active healthcare partner

So how did you do?  Is there room for improvement? Not to worry – you are on the right track, you will be fine.

Remember you have two websites that can help you with all your caregiving questions. Start with and stay updated with and don’t forget to sign up for the FREE newsletter at either site.

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