Free Website For Tracking Medical Info

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Are you using the internet to its fullest potential? Almost every time I log on, I find something truly amazing. Here’s my latest discovery:

The Mayo Clinic, now has a health manager site that is absolutely free! Imagine having all of your medical information at your fingertips. Or if you are a caregiver, having your loved one’s total medical records available at any time of day or night. Imagine you have to take your parent or spouse with dementia to the ER on a Sunday morning. Now with a click and password you can give the hospital access to their medical records, prescriptions, etc.

But this site doesn’t just consolidate medical records from a half a dozen sources. You can also get medical advice or look up symptoms or problems from top doctors. Based on the person information you provide, the site automatically recommends important health screenings and tests that are suggested for your age and condition.

It stores your emergency information, your doctors, your health insurance information and even your pharmacy. It will even keep track of your appointments and send you appointment reminders,  and even remind you about perscription refills.

All of this – For Free – no strings attached. You don’t even have to wade through obligatory advertisements like you might on other supposedly free websties.

The list of services on this one site could go on and on, like tracking your alergies, surgeries and procedures, and family histories. But go see for youself:

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