Why Hospitals Suck…

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There is an amazing magazine called Life Extensions, and I just got a great book from them called “Disease Prevention and Treatment: Scientific Protocols that Integrate Mainstream and Alternative Medicine” Based Upon Thousands of Research Studies and Clinical Experience of Physicians Around the World.

I was amused at something I read in the Preface. Of course I paraphrased it a bit, but please enjoy and see how many of these ten points have happened to you or someone you love. Please do not be offended. Of course not all hospitals are like this, and there are some wonderful people that work in hospitals and do a great deal of good in this world.

Why Hospitals Suck

Imagine checking into a hotel and being told the following:
1. You will check in at our convenience and be placed in a room of our choosing.
2. You will be disturbed at our convenience.
3. You will be fed at our convenience with whatever food we choose to give you.
4. You will share your room and bathroom with one or more total strangers who are sick and may be dying.
5. You will be expected to go to sleep at a time of our choosing. The door to your room will be left open so that you will be exposed to noise, light, and passing medical personnel throughout the night. These distractions will intensify early in the morning, which will awaken you.
6. You will be exposed to many harmful bacteria, which could lead to an antibiotic-resistant infection that might kill you.
7. In the event you experience difficulties while staying with us, we will respond to your calls for help at our convenience.
8. We don’t know how much money we will charge you because we don’t yet know how many doctors will examine you, what tests and procedures will be performed on you, and how long you will remain in the hospital.
9. Even though you may be curious as to why we keep sticking needles in you, strapping you onto machines, putting fluids in you, giving you enemas, and inducing other discomforts. We are not obligated to inform you of our reason for these procedures.
10. You cannot check out of the hospital until we pull all the needles, catheters, and other intrusive objects out of you, give you permission to leave, and force you to sign all kinds of papers.

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