Live Longer, Live Better…

· geriatric, health, longevity

There are two proven ways to live longer and healthier. When I say proven, I mean modern, western science research proven. I don’t mean to discredit or malign more contemporary and theoretical researchers.  But I want to emphasize that these aging theories are not new.  They were new in 1998 when I was in graduate school, but 12 years later, there is no refuting these theories.  They are ‘caloric restriction’ and ‘anti-oxidants’.   Caloric restriction is not a very popular anti-aging methodology, because it involves severely limiting your daily food intake, and it’s hard enough to diet, let alone reduce your food intake even further.  But the anti-oxidant theory is rather easy to follow, and it was easily embraced by vitamin and supplement businesses.  You only need to take stroll down the vitamin aisle in your local pharmacy and notice how many bottles are promoting their “anti-oxidant” benefits.

My wife is bugging me to put up the computer for the night, but tomorrow I want to ‘briefly’ make my case that not all anti-oxidants created equal, and not all manufacturers that are selling you supplements are using quality products. You can wait, or read more about it right now at and of course sign up for my newsletter.


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