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Last post I talked about the effects of anti-oxidants on longevity. Longevity is another way of saying anti-aging. So how does it work?

Aging is caused by a variety of factors. But at the cellular level it has to do with the gradual and inevitable failure of cells to replicate themselves properly. For example, I am sure you heard that every 7 years all of the cells in our bodies are replaced. Not all at once of course, but over the course of the 7 years one at a time, little by little. And different organs, different body parts, replicate at different rates: skin cells, liver cells, brain cells, all replace themselves (some times slowly, sometimes rapidly).
The problems is that over our life times the copies start to mess up, and when enough of them mess up, the organs start failing. A great example is a xerox machine. Have you ever worked with a form that looked terrible because it was a copy of a copy of copy? Our bodies do the same thing.

A big contributor to that is free radical damage, and free radical damage occurs with every breath we take. We breath in and our body takes in oxygen: O2. O2 is an oxygen molecule with 2 electrons. But our cells, in utilizing oxygen take in oxygen 1 nucleolus and 1 electron and the other electron is thrown off.

That electron is like a subatomic bullet shooting through our body and because its an electron, it is positively charged and magnetically it is looking to ground or neutralize itself. So it literally slams into other molecules until it can attach itself to a another molecule, usually disrupting the other cell. This repeated thousands and millions of times, eventually disrupting the cells ability to copy itself perfectly or even at all.

Anti-oxidants, found naturally in fruits and vegetables, neutralize free-radicals. Never enough to stop aging altogether, but enough to help you live significantly longer and healthier.  Taking supplements can help by adding more anti-oxidants to your system, neutralizing even more free-radicals.

OK, that’s it for tonight. more tomorrow.  Because I have to tell you which are the best supplements, and if you will trust me, I will tell you why and where too.

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goodnight, Donahue

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