Anti-Aging is not a Myth II

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Last post we talked about free radicals and anti-oxidants. But there is something even more important to a longer healthy life and its not something you take, its something you do – exercise.

I know, I know, who has time for exercise? If you are someone that has never exercised regularly welcome to the club. Just like most things that are good for us, we seem to be alway be meaning to get to it.

Lets say that we are turning over a new leaf. Are you ready to start making exercise a regular part of your week? Exercise has always been suspected of being really good for you. But then they started experimenting with it and confirmed that they were right. In fact, it was even better than they thought. It was found that weight-bearing exercise even in later life was tremendously effective, at any age and even in ANY condition.

Basically, no matter how old you are, no matter what condition, you can benefit from exercise.
There are four types: Strength, Balance, Stretching and Endurance. Depending on your age and condition (or if you are encouraging someone else) determines what you should focus on.

Older adults, or someone with osteoporosis should focus on exercises that prevent falling; leg exercises are the best for Balance.
Stretching exercises, like yoga are great for flexibility and freedom of movement. Any yoga instructor will tell you that keeping your spine supple is the fountain of youth.
Endurance exercises are important for anyone with a weak heart, family history of heart disease, former smokers, or anyone with a potential for being overweight.
Finally, if you want a good overall workout, you should do weight bearing exercises for Strength training. This can be as simple as little 5 lb. weights.
For the money, I like lifting weights for good overall work out. But you can pick the one that you like the best for you or your loved one.

Good luck, Donahue

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