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I must share with you that I really feel the pressure when I haven’t posted in a while. Like now, for example.  My apologies.  You see I’ve tried to expand my reach by trying some new things, and it’s been taking my time. I posted a couple of article at and started yet two more websites. (I really should get an assistant). My latest blog is really nice. the lay out is beautiful you must see it The name leaves something to be desired, but I can fix that later. But please go look. I plan to put some of my best recommendations on that site, so the articles will change over time and have less of a ‘generic’ feel to them.

But as many people as I see read this blog, I get very little feed back. So I have to think that I am not engaging you. What I would really like is to get a comment or two.
For example, you may be just stopping by to see if I’ve covered anything that you can use in your personal life, and probably not! But let me suggest you make a suggestion or ask a question! I think that will pretty much guarantee that my next post will be ‘exactly’ what you are looking for.
So there’s your challenges: make a suggestion, ask a question and go to and suggest a topic or ask a question there!
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