Modern Tools for Caregivers to Use


The speed of the internet has made it possible for amazing possibilities. Things that used to take hours of preparation and cost hundreds of dollars are now routine, quick, and often free. Not too long ago I saw a video on YouTube (which itself is an amazing feat when you think that Youtube did not even exist 4 years ago). This video pointed out that the computer that we take for granted inside of our cell phone, would need an entire building to house it 20 years ago. And in less than 20 years from now the same computer will fit inside of a single blood cell.

With the blinding speed of progress we not only get smaller more efficient products, but each generational leap reduces the complexity and cost, which is great for older adults who are just now learning how to use computers and email. It may seem like an oversimplification, but older adults as a rule, have an aversion to learning computers because they view them as too complicated. The truth is 5 or 10 years ago it was true, they were very complicated. However, nowadays they are ridiculously simple and easy to use, and only getting simpler.

But as adult children and caregivers we have a little more history with high tech stuff like computers and the internet. So you should not be surprised to hear that medical records are not only being digitized, but centrally stored for easy access. Not too long ago, hospitals and medical groups were make these changes for themselves. But now that the process is perfected, they are reformatting these record keeping systems for easy consumer use.

Take this new site for example: mayoclinic personalized date center. The Mayo clinic now has a health management site that is absolutely free! Imagine having all of your medical information at your fingertips. Or if you are a caregiver, having your loved one’s total medical records available at any time of day or night. But it is so much more powerful! Picture having all of your medical records, your prescriptions, your allergies, and your lab results at your fingertips. Now imagine that your pharmacy information and refills are tied into the same site. How about having appointment reminders sent to you in an email or better yet with a phone call to your cell phone? It is all a mouse click away…

But this site doesn’t just consolidate medical records from half a dozen sources. You can also get medical advice or look up symptoms or problems from top doctors. Based on the personal information you provide, the site automatically recommends important health screenings and tests that are suggested for your age and condition. It stores your emergency information, your doctors, your health insurance information, and even your prescription refills.

And I repeat, all of this is for Free, no strings attached. You don’t even have to wade through obligatory advertisements like you might on other supposedly free websites. The list of services on this one site could go on and on, like tracking your allergies, surgeries and procedures, and family history. But go see for yourself:

But if I can make one more suggestion, after you go there, you can sign up to get regular tips just like this at where you can get my free AlzheimerSecrets newsletter. I am sending out the latest edition within a day or so, and it will have tons of invaluable information just like this! When you sign up, you will immediately get a FREE stress management, guided imagery recording that I promise will change your worst day into the most peaceful day imaginable. Not only that, you will also get on the list for a free copy of the entire Stress Management CD. Get a FREE stress management, guided imagery recording that I promise will change the worst day into the most peaceful day imaginable. Not only that, you can sign up for my CaregiverRelief newsletter and get on the list for a free copy of the entire Stress Management CD.

Donahue Vanderhider, a Gerontologist practicing in Southern California, has a deep understanding and extensive knowledge of Aging and all its related disorders: both normal and abnormal. He has a Masters Degree from USC and postgraduate training in Clinical Guided Imagery, Metaphysics, and Neuro-linguistic Programming. He is also on an advisory board to the Alzheimer’s Association. His passion and life-long goal is to improve the quality of life of caregivers, especially those dealing with Alzheimer’s.

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