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Prevent your Next panic attack Stop Your panic fit Dead In Its Tracks
 what i s a Panic Attack?  
 A panic fit is a unexpected feeling of intense worry that start s for no obvious reason and triggers severe physical reactions.  You’ll feel frightene d to leave your hom e or to get left alone in case something terrible might happen to you.  You’ll feel suffocated, shaking, stomach agony and muscle agony all over your body.  You can thing you are losing it, or maybe dying.  
 When a panic attack Turns Into a Panic Disorder
 After having these panic attack s the initial few times, you begin to be afraid of the next panic attack.  You m ay find yourself on guard all of the time, afrai d of the subsequent surprise panic episode.  Just the concept of having another unpleasant fear is paralyzing you.  Who are you able to trust?  Are you alone feeling like this?  Are you going crazy?  Are you dying?  Panic disorder is a living hell.  The better news is that you should n’t believe any one that tells you th is condition can no t be cured.  
 What NOT TO DO to stop Your Next panic attack
  Most people, in an effor t to stop panic episode s, try to avoid circumstance s that trigger them.  Any place that makes them feel dangerous, they avoid.  This is n’t the way to go’ this only gets them occupied and even more focus ed on the next panic fit.  This only leads to larg er fear and the difficulty gets worse.  
 What c reates fear attacks?  
 panic attack s stem from many physical, psychologic al and emotional triggers.  Sometimes genetics are concern ed and this can surprise you’ but are you aware that even certain allergies and food types can trigger anxiety and panic attacks?  There a lso are some medic ation s that will cause panic episode s and naturally there are memories and stress involv ed.  Worry ing everyday events and bad memories mix es may also cause panic attack s
  the easiest way to stop your next panic fit Be Prepared!  
 When you are not in a condition of anxiety or panic, start a list of things that frighten you.  When it’s done, write down reassuring and relax ing statements that relax you.  The exact opposite of your fears.  When the next panic fit emerge s, take this list and use it right awa y.  Fill your list with lots of relax ing messages.  
  this could be exceedingly use ful to forestall panic attack s.  It is critical to stop the panic fit dead in its tracks and this is a straightforward way to do that.  
 life style changes to prevent panic attack s
 * Join a support group for folks with panic episode s ; discover you’re a long way from being alone and share experiences and panic relief technique s.  
 * Avoid caffeine and alcohol, both of them can trigger your next panic fit s.  
 * Practice relaxation system s, like Meditation and yoga.  
 * Get some exercise physical activity will lift your spirits and improv e your confidence ( yes!  Try it out), since aerobic activity
 * Get good nights sleep sleeping issue s will exhaust you and you can get more exposed to panic fit s.  
  1 Natural Technique to stop panic episode s
 there ‘s a n extraordinary simple way to stop panic fit s permanently, but you w on’t hear about it from your psychiatrist, doctor or drug company.  It involves cognitive therapy eas ily followed steps without using any medic ation.

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