What Are Free Radical And Why Do I Care?

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Ever wonder what anti-oxidants are? Maybe you heard they eliminate Free Radicals?  But what does that all mean? Ok here’s the short version: When you breath your body process the O2 that is in the air. When your cells use the O2 for energy they only use one molecule of oxygen. In O2 the 2 means two electrons.  So by using O1 the cells release the other electron. That electron is a free radical. It is radical because it is negatively charged and its like a magnet looking to connect to a positive electron. So the electron bangs into other molecules in your body looking to neutralize itself. But the process will damage cells.  Millions of free radicals flying around in your body 24/7 eventually causes noticeable damage = i.e. aging.   Taking anti-oxidants are puting vitamins and minerals in your body that hopefully will attract the free radicals and neutralize them before they can cause damage.  Now my classmates from U.S.C. may find small errors in my explanation. If so, please by all means leave a message.  OK, here’s a recap from an earlier post.

As we talked about, people take ‘supplements’ to cancel out even more free radicals. In fact for the past 20 years, there have been one product after another coming out that purports to be the best anti-oxidant ever. Most consumers have gotten wise to the constant pitch for their money. The latest was Acai berries. Found in the Amazon forest, they was touted as the most amazing “natural” product to keep your health. But research has failed support these claims, and Acai, is fading into the list with vitamin E, and all these other anti-oxidants of the month.
However over 2 years ago, scientists had discovered an ingredient in grape skins called Resveratrol that looked like it had all the making of the new anti-oxidant of the month club. You may recall it was hyped for a few months and then marketers moved on to the next “flashy” product. BUT, scientist have continued their research, and impressively, Resveratrol is holding up to the scrutiny!

But now your next obstical is getting good supplements. 90% of what you buy in the store or online is junk with very limited quality control. But if you want to sign up for my free newsletter, I will very soon be giving the low-down on the #1 best company to buy your natural products from.

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