Alzheimer’s Sufferers may not Remember an Event but the Feeling Lingers!

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As a caregiver, you may have learned to read your loved one’s mood. Especially after an emotional event.  But perhaps you were not sure that it was making a difference.  Recent research has shown that even though someone cannot remember an event, they will have residual feelings about that event that continues long after the event is forgotten.

Or you may have relatives that don’t come to visit as often because; “afterall, 10 minutes later they don’t remember I was even there”.  Not true! says the research.  It is proven that long after an emotional event, good or bad, the alheimer’s sufferer has lingering emotions consistant with their feelings about the event. 

There is an NPR (National Public Radio) story that you can listen to at: National Public Radio

So the next time your brother or sister, aunt or uncle give the same tired old excuse that it doesn’t make a difference, tell them that it DOES make a difference. 

Another way to view this information, is for you to engage your loved one, give them some stimulating activities that will leave them feeling good, and know in heart that you ARE making a difference. wordpress stats pluginStat counter

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