Retirement Age Children Neglecting Their Health Due To Caregiving Demands

· stress

I just a read a great story in the Huffington Post about a 69 year old mechanic taking care of his 94 year old father. The last five years of which he has missed all of his own medical and dental appointments. He has not had a physical, a teeth cleaning, a colonoscopy, or even a cholesterol checks. Unfortunately it is being repeated in thousands of homes across the nation. We have the largest population over the age of 85 in recorded history, and as a result the infirm of these octogenarians are being cared for by retirement age children. And the health ramifications are taking its toll. This article illustrates it well. I would add one more intervention for stress management: Guided Imagery. A form of hypnosis that can be done by listening to a CD or an audio tape can work wonders.
Now if you want to try a little guided imagery. You can go to and in the upper left hand corner is a place to sign up for a newsletter. But when you do, you will immediately get a full length guided imagery recording: guided imagery recording

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