Discover How to Stop Panic Attacks for good using your Phenomenal Mind!

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Overcoming panic attacks is possible and from personal experience I can tell you there is a way .  Panic attacks can be one of the most horrible experiences the human organism can have. Take all the fear you’ve ever endured in your lifetime and squeeze it into the space of a few minutes and double it. It can be a hugely traumatic thing to endure and leave you feeling rather shaken! Many will wonder what exactly happened, not realising it was a panic attack and will then continue , spending much time worrying about another attack occurring.

If you’ve been tirelessly looking for techniques that show you how to stop panic attacks , there is plenty of information around. A lot of it is approached from a behavioural point of view such as changing what you eat and drink, including more exercise etc. All these can help, but here I’m going to provide you with a step-by-step method to reprogram your mind to retake control over the main reason you are experiencing panic attacks , and that is, stress.

If stress is the instigator of panic and our thoughts can maintain a level of unnecessary anxiety, then it stands to reason, we can reduce that stress using our mind. 

The steps you are about to follow are quite easy . When you imagine something in your mind , it feels very real and your physiology will react accordingly. This is because your subconscious does not know the difference between something that is remembered, imaginary, or actually happening now, because in each instance, to the mind, it is very real and current.

  1. Find a quiet space where you will not be troubled and close your eyes.
  2. Remember a time and place where you felt so free of stress and worry, instead feeling relaxed, happy, calm. This may very well be a vacation you’ve been on which you enjoyed thoroughly.
  3. Choose a specific day you felt the most relaxed or happy in this memory and pay attention to what you see. Are there other people there? What are they wearing? What colours do you notice? Pay attention to the different sounds, do you hear laughter, the wind, is it quiet? And as you do that, notice how relaxed you feel in this place .
  4. Begin to expand everything in a way that means the colours are richer, the images larger, the sounds louder which means you can feel those relaxing feelings becoming stronger .
  5. If you get to the end of this memory, start again from the beginning and just enjoy existing in this place as you continue to relax naturally .
  6. Spend 5-10 minutes enjoying this experience .

Don’t discard this technique because it’s so simple , the mind is programmable and this approach is used time and again at the hypnotherapy bristol practice to help people who are stressed to begin to re-experience calm.

Keep practicing this daily, and it soon becomes habit to feel relaxed and less anxious (less fuel for panic).

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