How to heal using a Gratitude List.

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If you are a person that speaks negative words or thinks negative thoughts, then I have a great exercise for you.

I want you to stop and think for a moment about the thoughts you have been having recently and the words you have been speaking…have they been positive uplifting thoughts/words or negative destructive thoughts/words?  We often can slip into a pattern of negative thoughts and words .  I am just as guilty.  But the first step is awareness.  Bring your awareness into your thoughts and words.   What do you keep thinking or speaking negative about:   Your marriage, your health, your job, your parents, your children, your finances, your house, your life and why it is the way it is, etc…you have been so focused on the negative that maybe you haven’t noticed the positive things in your life that God has blessed you with …the exercise is “A Gratitude List”  Spend time dwelling on and thinking about all the good in your life.  As you sit for a few moments your gratitude list will begin to flow from your heart.   When you begin to focus on the good…the God…in your life you just naturally become more alive…filled with joy.  I encourage you today and everyday to be grateful.  When you find yourself being negative…ungrateful…try to shift your focus to the positive and become grateful.  It is a choice!!   

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My gratitude list:

I am thankful to be alive, to be married to a great husband who balances me, to have a loving awesome family, for the warmness of the sunshine, for the beautiful sunsets, for the trees, for the butterflies, for food and shelter, for the color green, grass, mud pies, for my animals, for my great health, for my clients, my success in my business, for my friends, for the smell of rain, shooting stars, water, a smile from a stranger,  for birds, ladybugs, for the feeling of joy, for tears of laughter, for my hands, for my gifts and talents, for the feeling of being truly loved, for spiritual growth that comes from trials and suffering, for freedom, great conversations, merry go rounds, swings, walks in the rains, thunderstorms, a good hug, butterfly kisses, stillness….    You see there is a lot to be grateful for…have fun with it, dive deep into it and be filled with joy.   

Click here for other simple ways on >>How to Heal

Be Love & Give Love~

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