Middle Boomers are 52 – 58 are you one?

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I clipped a great little article from one of my ‘trade magazines’, I don’t have the source information. But its too good not to share. Its called Bright Retirement Outlook for Middle Boomers
Most middle boomers (the segment of baby boomers who are 52-58 years old right now) aren’t worried about outliving their retirement money! Heck, only 12% say this is a concern for them. They’re more concerned about being able to afford health care (25%) and staying productive and useful in their golden years. Another 13% are concerned about long-term care expenses.

It breaks down like this:
Middle boomers biggest concerns about retirement are

25% Being able to afford health care
18% Staying productive and useful
15% Having to work full- or part-time
13% Providing for your spouse’s/partner’s/own long-term care
12% Out living retirement money
9% Having a comprehensive financial plan

Hmmm, 1 in 4 are looking down the road and have concerns about affording health care? Ask yourself are you one of them? Then ask yourself why? I am betting its because you are watching your parent’s saving melt away like ice cream on hot sidewalk. Or worse, I bet a percentage of you are helping support your parents long-term care. If you happen to be providing care for a parent or spouse, learn to save money and get the best care available, sign up for my updates.

If you want to get on the mailing list, please head on over to CAREGIVERHELP.COM and you will be on the list for updates and newletters. Nothing to buy, just good information…

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