#1 Alzheimer’s Secret: “Almost nobody tells the truth”

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Thus we start a series of the Alzheimer’s Secrets. We are going to talk about the stuff nobody tells you. The big grey elephant in the living room. No more fluff, no more beating around the bush, no more pretending everything is ok. Its not. And if its going to get better we need to acknowledge it and address it.  If you have a great hunkydorie experience as a caregiver, these next few week are not for you. Elaboration on any of these topics will covered at www.DementiaCareSecrets Its a FREE membership website (we sell nothing, so don’t think we are being diverted to some scheme. ok?

#1 Nobody is telling you the truth about Alzheimer’s

Go to any number of online forums for caregivers, and you will read over and over again how the caregiver is at the end of their rope: financially and emotionally!
A quick look at any one of the many caregiver forum websites and you will see comments like this:

“How do I approach the subject of assisted living with my brother and sister? Mom gets angry at everyone and everything that is not done the way she wants it. I want my life back. I have sacrificed 15 years for her with no appreciation.”

“I hate the way most doctors pass the buck and will not commit to any answers. I just want a straight answer for once! If this is the end I want to know what to expect and what kind of time frame.”

“Dad is horribly depressed and just can’t seem to get moving. I honestly don’t know what to do. I want to be there for him, but I get so frustrated when I go over to his house. He just doesn’t seem to want to “help himself”. It gets so that I almost cringe when I see his number on caller id because it’s depressing me to be around him.”

This is the norm! And let’s face it, there is little or no help out there. Not from the government, not even from your family. They are fast and loose with advice about what you should do, but they don’t get it, because they are not living it 24/7 like you are. So, you have almost no help, not even financial, and most of your friends have seemingly moved on too. Who can blame them, right?
Granted, this sounds terribly negative.

But there IS help out there. There ARE solutions. However they can be hard to find, and your circumstances really are unique! So the solution has to be hand tailored to your situation. Each family is different.
If you found my website www.EasyCargiving.com/DementiaAssessment recently it is probably because of the free Geriatric Assessment that I am offering. I hope you downloaded it, and to get the most out you should watch the videos. More importantly, make an effort to reach me. You would be surprised how many people do not even try. They are desperate for help but if its free it must not be any good, or be “common knowledge that I can figure out on my own”. (I am not posting my email here for obvious reasons, but with a little effort I can be found. Google me or just go to the website I mentioned in the beginning).

If you are new here, or did not get the assessment form: Go Here For Your Free Geriatric Care Assessment Form, and videos explaining it

Please take a look around,  Donahue Vanderhider, MSG

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