Alzheimer’s Secret #6: There are gems to be found – cherish them

· stress

I find my self in the position of having to eat my words, or at least temper my blanket statements. In the process of telling you the truth about what is happening out there to families trying to make ends meet and provide care for a loved one, I have used strong language to describe some of the businesses that are created to remove you from your money.

But there are always exceptions to the thumb rule.

For example: I am working for a small company that owns both assisted living communities as well as nursing homes. It’s a new job and I have been there a mere 3 weeks.
But I have to say, in my 15 years in this business, I have never met a more ethical and honorable man, as the owner of our little company. And with most organizations: the leadership personality trickles down to all levels of the company. So in my brief time with this company, I have seen some thoughtful and considerate decisions made by this organization, that quite frankly had fallen out of my playlist, from disuse. So I must temper my criticism of the industry in general and take a moment to caution you all…there are some good ones out there. Albeit rare.

Tell you what…come on over to my new membership website. I will make everything on the site available to Bronze Members (our free level), so that you can get a feel for what we are trying to do. Take some time, read a few articles, listen to a stress management recording, and use the forum to communicate with other caregivers. And we will give you a resource list as long as your arm of websites that you can go to for everything you need or ever will want.

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