A Poem By Dallas

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Dallas is a young woman that lives in the State of Washington with her husband and children. She has early-onset Alzheimer’s. Her poems illuminate the rare perspective of the sufferer. 


 I Am…

 …Nothing special,

Just a person.

Losing something of myself,

But nothing special to anyone

Except to myself.

…Writing for the world,


Just to myself.

…A dreamer,

Who is slowly finding the dream

Enfolding me,


I will be unable to escape.

…A watcher of the world,

Of people,

Of ideas and ideals,

All that will one day mean nothing to me.

…Leaving behind something,




Yet no one,

Especially no one special.

…A dream,

As much as a dreamer,

Caught in between

Reality and dreams.

When day fades to night,

For the final time,

Will I even notice the sunset?

…A whisper

That will one day


A dying echo

That time will wash




prolog: Dallas is in her 40’s, her husband works at various jobs to support the family. She has 3 children. The youngest, I think, is about 14 years old.

Can you imagine losing your mom before your very eyes. See her every day, struggling to hold on to what she can. Sense her fear, her sadness, her frustration.  When mom’s are supposed to be giving you hugs and advice about boys, and makeup, your’s cannot. 

See in her eyes the panic, and then even that is forgotten, and there is nothing left but the blank empty eyes, the useless hands at her side, like watching someone drowning just out of reach, where you can’t help them, though you wish it with all your might.

Its not fair, we should never have to feel so powerless. The word “heartbreaking” does not even begin to describe what we feel – The guilt, the heartache, the last words and declaration of love, that won’t be remembered.

If your family is affected by this illness. Please make a comment here, or anywhere, but let others know that they are not alone…that YOU hear their words, and feel their pain. In turn, they will do the same for you – and in this way we are a Tribe.

If you wish to join us, we are forming our  tribe at:



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