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Twilight of Life

by Dallas Sieck
The setting of the sun
Its last rays reaching for something
It will soon leave
Far behind.
There are few tears
For a gentle peace fills all the world
And me.
The setting sun
Slowly withdraws its rays
Seeming to pull the star sprinkled dark
With it
Pulling me
To another realm.
No more tears
Yet with so much now revealed
What now exists in the darkened world
Is far more profound
Like what now rests in my heart
What has been exposed in my soul
By the setting of my sun.
 Dallas, the author of this poem, has Alzheimer’s Disease. Sadly, she was struck at an early age. I don’t remember her exact age, but I think late 40’s. She has a husband and three children. The youngest is still at home.
Her husband works at a shipyard to pay the bills and since Dallas is in the middle stages of the disease, he has to supervise his wife, and their children. I am not sure how a daughter who is 13 or 14 years old copes with a mom who is slowly disappearing, but it must be hard.
Dallas has always been a writer,  you may see some of her writing in earlier posts here. or see all of them at http://www.DementaCareSecrets.com. I had not heard from Dallas in about a year, and I thought maybe her illness had progressed too far.  Until today when I received this latest poem.
If you are moved by this poem, please leave a brief comment here. I will forward your thoughts to her family.

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