Real Secrets to a Longer Life

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Real Secrets to a Longer Life

If you are over 30, wake up!  You are not a kid anymore, it’s time to start preserving your health. If you are over 50 you are ready for this information.

Unless you are an athlete you are starting to have problems. These are not temporary – they are a warning to take action. Let start with the easy ones:

1. Drink more water. If you are a dude over 50 I know it’s a pain but force yourself. (Prostrate issues might be coming up causing frequent urination, slow flow but please deal with it, the alternative is far worse)

2. Park in back of the parking lot and walk.  Besides the exercise of walking, you will get less door dings on your car.

3. Start calling all your friends that you have not seen in over a year and get caught up with them. If you stop and think about it, there are 3 or 4 people that you need to touch-base with.

4. Unless you hit the genetic lotto, pain is a part of life…stop waiting for “it” to get better and start living life.

5. Don’t buy cheap vitamins and supplements.  That $3 bottle of vitamin E, is garbage. Don’t kid yourself.

But at the same time, don’t  go way overboard and buy your supplements and herbs at places like the Chiropractor.  The mark up just goes their pocket. In general, save money on clothes not health.

6. Go online and find a stress hypnosis CD and download. Make time once a day to listen to it. Best length of time is from 15 to 30 minutes.  No need to spends hundreds of dollars, nor feel that you need to get a big variety.

you will find a quality recording usually under $40.  Small investment for something you will use for months or years.

The best website hands down is HEALTH CARE SECRETS (

If you are a caregiver you can try my CD (same website, just search for me: vanderhider)

6b.  If you really don’t think you can listen to a hypnosis recording…do something else that reduces stress.  Set aside time to read a book. Go see a movie. Take a vacation. Take a weekend road trip. The only rule is

it has to something you are not doing now…

good luck.

p.s. caregivers come find my friends on facebook at fan page: DementiaCareSecrets

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