Ever go into a room and forget why?

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Ever go into a room and forget why?

We all forget, and as we age we start to worry.  Am I getting “it”?  Well here’s a reason not to worry so much. A recent study from the University of Notre Dame finds that  doorways serve as “event boundaries.” ?When you walk through a doorway from one room to another, your mind processes a new event, making what you were thinking about slip your mind, says study author Gabriel Radvansky, PhD.  — Prevention Magazine April 2012.

Whew, now if I can remember what I was going to do this information once I wrote I down???


Are you getting close to retirement? Maybe you are just tired of doing the same job for 20 years? Well, many middle aged adults are are finding new careers. A good resource for ideas is A new book by author Patricia Cohen called “In Our Prime: The Invention of Middle Age”. Perhaps you have been away from you career for a few years as a caregiver?  Two place that you go to find more information is encore.com and idealist.org.

— source Prevention April 2012

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