Government plan to fight Alzheimer’s

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WKYC Web Staff

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Tuesday announced a national plan to fight Alzheimer’s disease and find effective treatment and prevention methods by 2025.

Experts warn that the United States is facing an Alzheimer’s epidemic, with the number of U.S. residents with the disease is expected to increase from five million to more than 13 million by 2050. Moreover, the Alzheimer’s Association says the annual cost of Alzheimer’s to the country could increase from $200 billion in 2012 to more than $1 trillion by 2050.

Sebelius on Tuesday called the new plan “an historic effort to fight Alzheimer’s disease,” but added that it “is a national plan-not a federal one-because reducing the burden of Alzheimer’s will require the active engagement of both the private and public sectors.”

According to HHS, the Obama administration’s plan-a draft of which was released earlier this year-sets five goals:

Develop effective prevention and treatment approaches for dementia: According to the plan, the government will fund two new clinical trials focusing on potential treatments based on amyloid-a protein thought to cause Alzheimer’s-and an insulin nasal spray that may help restore memory in patients with Alzheimer’s.

Boost dementia care quality and efficiency: The plan calls for improved health provider training for Alzheimer’s diagnosis and management, and for Alzheimer’s screenings during Medicare wellness visits.

Expand support for individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease: To better help loved ones manage home care for Alzheimer’s patients, the federal government on Tuesday launched a new offers resources and support to individuals affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

Enhance public awareness of Alzheimer’s and other dementias: The plan aims to reduce the stigma associated with dementia, which can lead to late diagnosis and family isolation.

Improve data collation: The plan outlines ways to better understand the impact of the disease, the need for research, and the national plan’s progress.

Funding for the new plan will come from the $50 million the administration earmarked for the national Alzheimer’s plan last year. Another $100 million has been set aside for Alzheimer’s in the President’s proposed fiscal year 2013 budget, including:

$80 million for research;

$10.5 million in caregiver support;

$4.2 million for public awareness;

$4 million for provider education; and

$1.3 million for improvements in data collection (HHS release, 5/15; AP/Washington Post, 5/15; AP/San Francisco Chronicle, 5/15; Fox, National Journal, 5/14; AP/Sacramento Bee, 5/14; Steenhuysen, Reuters, 5/15).


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