Need Cash for Caregiving

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The cost of health care is undeniably high. Most people that don’t provide care think of health care costs as the money that Medicare and Medicaid provide. But the real struggle with these costs is not what the government pays (ultimately out of our taxes), but the out-of-pocket expenses the we caregivers have to shell out of our own pockets. That’s the piece that hurts us every month when we are buying the groceries and filling up the gas tank.

Well, some caregivers have found a creative solution to the problem. The internet!

That’s right, now there are websites that you can go to where seriously kind-hearted people will help you out directly. One site that got some attention in the news recently is Listen to this, your story may be similar to Vicki’s. Vicki, a 52 year old from Chicago was traveling 400 miles to get treatment for a heart defect with only $200 to her name when a friend recommended she try and by the time she got out of the hospital she learned that friends, family and even complete strangers had donated over $1,000 towards her medical bills. Over the next few months she pulled together $7,000 more.

But there are other online fundraising websites: and It’s called crowdfunding, and it might just be your salvation.

Word of caution however, if you are going to try one of these websites, please check the rules. Some charge a large percentage and others will not release funds until your requested amount is reached.

Ultimately, my sincerest wish is that you never need it. Hopefully, you are on the other end of the spectrum, a potential doner. Interestingly, about 1 in 4 people that donate are over 50, while the those that are on the receiving end represent a slightly larger percentage overall.

* If you want to stay current on news like this, please come to and take a peek at the Dementia Care Secrets fanpage.


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