Alzheimer’s Revealed

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Hopefully you have found some of my posts useful. I have been trying to provide a variety of articles, and inject a little humor now and then.

But I am wondering about you.  I see how many people are reading this blog on a daily basis.  I don’t think they are all new readers…some of you have been here more than once.

If you find the information here to be useful, can you help me zoom in on the topics that are important to you?

Click on “comments” and write me a sentence or two about your situation…or if a particular story was helpful, please let me know.

You won’t get spammed. I promise.

Here’s an example. The following is a link to an ebook you can buy about Alzheimer’s. I cannot vouch for the quality of it…but I did buy it to see what kind of information is out there.

Quite honestly, I think I know 10 times what this person knows…but if you have some spare change, its less than $30 buck, maybe you can get everything you need in one book:

 Click Here! for an Ebook on Alzheimer's

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