Are You Wondering How You Will Survive Caregiving?

As a gerontologist working with Seniors and their Caregivers for over 15 years, I find it appalling at the lack of resources, programs and products available for caregivers.
Nowadays, the word is out and most caregivers have heard that stress is a physiological response in the body, and suffering from long-term stress is debilitating to your health. And you need to do something about it. When research shows over and over again that long-term stress increases a person’s risk for health attacks, stroke and possibly cancer, we are alarmed. After all, aren’t those the top three killers of Americans today? And if something happens to me, who is going to take care of my loved one? Even the Alzheimer’s Association once listed a statistic that half of all caregivers pass away before the person they are caring for. The message is clear. We must do something, anything to dissolve the stress that is building up in us, day in and day out.

But I find caregivers also asking; What? What can I do that doesn’t take me away from my responsibilities or costs a lot of money? And that’s the challenge, because caregivers cannot take advantage of the same stress busting activities that the average person can.

Caregivers can’t run off to the gym, or the movies. They can’t take a vacation, let alone a long hot bath. And few caregivers have family and friends that they can count on to “take over for a little while”.

Consequently the things we are going to address here are the solutions not the problem. Sure we have to state the problem for contextual reasons, but the goal of this blog is to offer ideas, services, and support for caregivers…please stay tuned as this blog grows and grows, and I hope you find what you need here.
Please scan previous posts. If you have specific need please feel free to ask.  Remember, any claims or products mentioned in this blog are from my personal experience or research, but I cannot support the claims of products for you. You must draw your own conclusions, based on  your own experience, and if it happens to be a paid product or service, on your own beliefs. I think they call it “buyer beware”.  But I assure you, I would not recommend or mention anything unless I have tried it myself, or personally know someone that tried them.

Donahue Vanderhider, MSG


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