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Problems with Alzheimer’s: Wandering (Sundowning)

Below is  the introduction to my free eBook on the subject of wandering.  I want to warn you its going to be a couple of days before it is available, but you will be able to sign up for my FREE newsletter and when it is ready, it will be emailed to each and everyone […]

Alzheimer’s problems with Bathing

If you have been here before and have not signed up for my FREE (but infrequent) newsletter, before you continue, please jump over to WWW.EASYCAREGIVING.COM and sign up, it will take you less than a minute. Part three of our series is about problems with bathing. Bathing is almost universally a dreaded caregiver chore. I […]

Alzheimer’s and Incontinence

Day to day caregiving is difficult enough. However when dealing with Alzheimer’s, the very nature of this disease and the way it affects the brain frequently have added frustrations and difficulties, which make Caregiver’s lives just that much more difficult. Our mission at is to make sure you have every advantage possible. Please join […]

Partnering With Your Doctor Quiz

I’m on the speakers bureau of the Alzheimer’s Association and this weekend I am giving a talk on “Partnering with Your Doctor”  In the materials that the Alzheimer’s Association provided me for the talk was a short little quiz.  I was impressed with this short 12 question survey, and thought you would like to see […]

Adult Day Care: Take A Break Today!

If you are caregiver you may be struggling with exhaustion, frustration, and depression. You may be feeling that you have little support from friends and family and feeling that people do not understand the difficulty of what you do. Let’s face it; most people wouldn’t unless they walked in your shoes for a week.