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Live Longer, Live Better…

There are two proven ways to live longer and healthier. When I say proven, I mean modern, western science research proven. I don’t mean to discredit or malign more contemporary and theoretical researchers.  But I want to emphasize that these aging theories are not new.  They were new in 1998 when I was in graduate […]

Alzheimer’s and Incontinence

Day to day caregiving is difficult enough. However when dealing with Alzheimer’s, the very nature of this disease and the way it affects the brain frequently have added frustrations and difficulties, which make Caregiver’s lives just that much more difficult. Our mission at is to make sure you have every advantage possible. Please join […]

Can you relate to this?

I needed to calm down before I wrote this blog, and let the dust settle. I could barely breathe on Tuesday after another Alzheimer’s Day from Hell.