Welcome to Caregiver Relief! We are dedicated to giving you every bit information to help you be the best possible caregiver for your loved one.

We feel that the cards are already stacked against you, and if you had more information about the different agencies, programs, and products

that are available, you could do a much better job: live a better life, have more time for yourself and your loved one, and most of all live a stress free life.

For starters we want to give you a 17 minute guided imagery stress management recording from my CD, at no cost! I only ask that you promise to try it.

(Do not listen when you are driving. To get the full effect, pick a quiet time, turn your phone off, and sit or lay down on a comfortable spot)

And a subscription to our free newsletter that is overflowing with useful, timely information.  But be warned this is not your typical newsletter with

regurgitated information borrowed from main stream media.  Not even close.  This newsletter has the cutting edge insider info that most people never see.

You will get the hidden secrets of the industry and you will get information on the latest technology, the latest developments, and even the latest resources

available on the market, and its absolutely free.

If you find you don’t want the newsletter, you can cancel at any time.  And  the stress management recording is yours forever just for checking it out.

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Free Recording & Newsletter

If for any reason you are unable to type your email into the little yellow box above, I am truly sorry. I am not very proficient with websites, and html editing (which is what you have to be to put a little yellow box in your blog).  I am still happy to give you the recording and the newsletter, you will just have a couple more steps!  Go to my website and look for the tab that says newsletter. click on the tab that says newsletter.  You will be whisked to a page with another yellow box – but that one works just fine!  Sign up there.


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  1. liz holm

    hi, I’ve just found your site, and wasn’t able to enter my name, but will try from your website link! Thanks for all of the great info. I’m one of the stressed sole caregivers (mom has mid-stage AD) that you mention.
    best regards,

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