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Alzheimer’s and Incontinence

Day to day caregiving is difficult enough. However when dealing with Alzheimer’s, the very nature of this disease and the way it affects the brain frequently have added frustrations and difficulties, which make Caregiver’s lives just that much more difficult. Our mission at http://www.easycaregiving.com is to make sure you have every advantage possible. Please join […]

You can get the cure for Alzheimers right now.

When you talk about drug trials people respond in one of two ways. One groups shudders at the very thought of a drug trial; picturing themselves as proverbial guinea pigs, being fed toxic cocktails of chemicals that will cause them painful and crippling side effects and death. While the other group is practically leaping out of their chairs, hands raised to volunteer for what they believe is the best and finest medications that advanced scientific research has discovered; research based on the accumulated efforts of dozens of Universities and private laboratories. They reason that the minuscule risk is outweighed by the much more likely outcome that they or their loved one will get badly needed relief from a disease or condition that is carving away at their health and vitality.

Getting Dimebon for Alzheimer’s Sufferers

Because dimebon is in the “trial” stage, you cannot get it anywhere in the US market. If you really want it you need to research foreign markets. But I don’t know the legality of that, so I will not offer any opinion on it. However, if I were searching for any medication, I would try the formal name as well as the brand name.

Dimebon and other drug trials

For example, there has been a lot of buzz about a new Alzheimer’s drug called Dimebon. If you haven’t Google it: because it is showing amazing results in testing. But unless you want to go to Russia, you can’t get it in United States (or Canada). But I know how you can get it for your loved one right now!